Scorpion architectural films are made with high-quality laminate constructions of deep-dyed and metalized polyesters with SR coating and UV protectant.

Automotive Tint

Dyes are a thing of the past! Our patented Carbon deposition process gives you great tint that will last a lifetime! Try our Carbon, Carbon CIR, and Carbon IRX Ceramic Series today! Call for a sample!


All commercial and automotive window films come with a factory-backed warranty to ensure that the film stays where it should: on the glass!

We know that you need a supplier and products that you can rely on! And at UCA Distributing we’ve built a reputation as one of the best service providers in the industry. When you contact us, you’re not dealing with a large, factory direct retailer or an overseas call center! You’ll be speaking with a live person that will know you, and see to it that your order is sent out quickly.

Automotive Films

You need tint that lasts AND won’t break the bank, right? We have them! Scorpion's patented carbon deposition process has made dyed tint a thing of the past. Carbon-based tint not only won’t turn purple and fade, it rejects more heat than dyed tint! But it doesn’t end there. Our Carbon IRX and IRX Ceramic Series have added nano-ceramic layers that increase the IR rejection by hundreds of times! And the best part of all, UCA Distributing has the best prices on Carbon and Ceramic films in the USA! Contact us today for a free sample and pricing.

  • CARBON SERIES - Work horse of the industry and our best seller! It’s a 2-ply, solid carbon construction tint that rejects even more heat than the old metallized dyed tint from years ago. This tint will be a great tint, day in, day out. Be sure to try our NEW CARBON ZERO, the darkest tint in the industry, with an applied VLT of 1%! The only thing blacker than black is ZERO! Spec Sheet
  • CARBON CIR SERIES - Same great Carbon construction with an added Nano-Ceramic layer that puts the IR Rejection way up there! Best priced ceramic tint out there. Great upsell for your customers. Spec Sheet
  • CARBON IRX CERAMIC SERIES - Layer after layer of IR rejection and some of the best heat protection available! Our 70% VLT meters at 93% IR rejection! And still, this is one of the lowest priced ceramic tint you'll find. We want you to try it so bad that we'll even sell it by the foot! Spec Sheet

All Series in the line-up are available in 5%-15%-20%-35%-50%* Shield Series is available in 70% as well.

Automotive Film Specs



Architectural Window Film

If you’re like most of our clients, automotive window tinting is what pays the bills. For most shops, architectural films are just a small part of your business. We realize that, and that’s why we’ve made purchasing architectural films easy and affordable. To our regular clients, we offer architectural films sold by the lineal foot! So you won’t be stuck buying a whole roll of film to do a couple of windows. It doesn’t matter if you need 1’ or 1,000’, we have you covered.

And we carry a full line of architectural films: Energy Control, Dual-Reflective, Decorative, and Safety & Security. You’ll always be able to meet your customer’s needs when it comes to architectural films, no matter what they want!

We’d like to be your one-stop resource for all phases of architectural film sales. Call us now for help with any of the following:

  • Choosing the right product for your customer
  • Film to Glass Safety Evaluations
  • Energy Evaluations for Commercial Projects
  • Sales approaches for Commercial and Residential

UCA Distributing has got you covered!

Architectural Film Specs

Spec Sheets

Scorpion Window Film

View our spec sheet to compare the different types of architectural and automotive film we offer.

Download Carbon Spec PDF

Download Carbon CIR Spec PDF

Download Carbon IRX Spec PDF

Download Architectural PDF

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