find out why uca DISTRIBUTING is the #1 rated window tint sUPPLIER in the midwest!

The best service, the best tint, at the best prices. UCA was built to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to be a successful tint dealer. With 3000+ rolls in stock, we have what you need, when you need it, at prices you won’t get from anyone else – period. UCA provides free support materials like sample boards, brochures, banners, and all of the things you need to bring in customers. We have expert technicians that can train you in flat-glass, automotive, and ppf installations. Need a tool? We carry a full line up of installation tools. And remember, we work for you! At UCA, we speak tint!

a tint series for every shop

automotive tint

UCA’s window tint series are made by the best manufacturers in the industry. Each series is constructed to OUR specifications based on what our dealers tell us they need. That way, we can provide you with a tint that works for you, without breaking the bank. So ask yourself, do you want to pay more because of the name attached, or do you just want a high quality window tint that you can depend on?

Our patented carbon deposition process has made dyed tint a tint of the past. Carbon-based tint not only won’t turn purple and fade, it rejects more heat than dyed tint! But it doesn’t end there. Our Carbon, Thermal IR and Redzone IR Ceramic Series have added nano-ceramic layers that increase the IR rejections by hundred of times! And the best part of all, our ceramic series can be bought by the foot! Contact us today for a free sample and pricing.

  • UCA ACTION SERIES – makes your job simpler. Easy to shrink and easy to work with! Constructed with two layers of UV protections for a tint that will last!
    Available in 5% – 15% – 20% – 25% – 50% VLT’s 
  • UCA CARBON SERIES – rich, black carbon tint with no dyes to fade. Best shrinking carbon tint on the market! It’s also signal friendly and has a 40% IR cut*.
    Available in 2% – 5% – 15% – 20% – 35% – 40% – 50% VLT’s
  • UCA THERMAL IR CERAMIC SERIES – great heat rejection at a fraction of the cost of other ceramic tint. Did we mention it shrinks great as well? Great 85% IR cut* 
    Available in 5% – 15% – 20% – 35% – 50% VLT’s
  • UCA Redzone IR Ceramic Series – highest IR cuts in the industry, but NOT the highest price. You won’t find a better ceramic tint for the money! Ultra-high 95% IR cut **
    Available in 5% – 15% – 20% – 35% – 50% – 70% VLT
  • UCA HEAT-SHIELD IR CERAMIC SERIES – tint designed for windshields. Super clarity and no low-angle haze! High 85% IR cut**
    Available in 50% and 70% VLTs

*20% VLT applies to automotive window
**70% VLT applied to automotive windshield


Architectural film

If you’re like most of our clients, automotive window tinting is what pays the bills. For most shops, architectural films are just a small part of your business. We realize that, and that’s why we’ve made purchasing architectural films easy and affordable. To our regular clients, we offer architectural films sold by the lineal foot! So you won’t be stuck buying a whole roll of film to do a couple of windows. It doesn’t matter if you need 1’ or 1,000’, we have you covered.

And we carry a full line of architectural films: Energy Control, Dual-Reflective, Decorative, and Safety & Security. You’ll always be able to meet your customer’s needs when it comes to architectural films, no matter what they want!

We’d like to be your one-stop resource for all phases of architectural film sales. Call us now for help with any of the following:

  • Choosing the right product for your customer
  • Film to Glass Safety Evaluations
  • Energy Evaluations for Commercial Projects
  • Sales approaches for Commercial and Residential

UCA Distributing has got you covered!

our clients


“They go above and beyond to care of me as a dealer. I have used UCA for years, and I have to say that they are the best distributors that I’ve ever dealt with!”
– Rodney Caldwell, Premier Window Tinting & Graphics

“Hands down the best tint wholesaler I’ve ever worked with!”
– Eric Timmerman, Glass and Auto Cosmetics

“In my 30+ years in this industry, I’ve never dealt with a distributor as professional and caring as UCA!”
– Jeff Vanhorn, Vanhorn Tint & Accessories

Our products


Easy to shrink and easy to work with; it makes your job easier. Tint that will last!

heat-shield ir ceramic

Designed for windshields with super clarity and no low-angle haze!

Carbon series

Rich, black carbon tint with no dyes to fade and best shrinking carbon to boot.

thermal IR series

Great heat rejection and shrinking at a fraction of the cost of other ceramic tint.

redzone ir ceramic

One of the highest IR cuts in the industry, but NOT the highest price!

neu-tone series

Great, low reflectivity solution with cool, neutral tones. Long-lasting stability!

reflect series

The best heat rejection for the money! Comes in two colors and 4 VLT’s.

inviso70 series

Invisible when installed with high visibility and 74% heat rejection.

tru-blu series

Dual-reflective film with cool, bluish tones; helps cut out UV that strains eyes.

scenic ceramic

A dual-reflective film with warm tones, it rejects heat and stops glare.


Don’t take our word for it! Read these glowing reviews from our clients!

“Always a pleasure dealing with them and they have the best customer service you’ll experience anywhere!”

— Rob Ewry, Rob’s Window Tinting

“By far, the best customer service I have ever had!”

— Junior Quiroga, Cutting Edge Window Tinting

“I highly recommend UCA! Great products! Great customer service and great turnaround on orders!”

— Craig Lough, Car Tunes

“Over 35 years, I’ve seen them all, and the guys at UCA are the best!”

— Dan Nieto, Tint Man Dan – King of the Tint World

“We have three locations, and there’s not one we trust more than UCA to get us our tint, on time, every time!”

— David Millard, Smokey Mountain Window Tint

“They always go above and beyond to make sure I get what I need, when I need it!”

— Eddie Leon, Eddie’s Window Tinting

our guarantee and referral program

We know that you need a supplier and products that you can rely on! At UCA Distributing, we’ve built a reputation as one of the best service providers in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing great products to our hard working clients. You’re busting your butt, so we bust ours! When you contact us, you’re not dealing with a large, factory direct retailer or an overseas call center! You’ll be speaking with a live person that will know you, and see to it that your order is sent out quickly. All commercial and automotive window films come with a factory-backed warranty to ensure that the film stays where it should: on the glass!

AT UCA, we know that you are the backbone of our business and we treat you like it! Most important of all, you’re a name and not just a number. Speak to your rep for details about how to earn $500 through our referral program.